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We supply all keyring styles and types, from standard to bespoke; Custom branded keyrings in your shape, material and style; for promotion or resale.
Below is a selection of keyring types, however, in practice the options are limitless, we can supply you with custom branded and designed keyrings to help promote your business.
Call us to discuss the shapes, materials and styles you are interested in.
Ad Loop - Mini
Our Mini Ad-Loop keyring is brilliant for short, snappy messages and simple promotions.
more... Guide £0.29
Custom Foam Keyrings bllb-FK
6mm EVA foam keyring available in 14 colours cut and embossed to any shape.
more... Guide £0.29
Metal Bottle Opener Keyring sps-le9582
A great value, custom brandable, metal bottle opener keyring.
more... Guide £0.31
Ad Loop - Standard
*BESTSELLER* The Ad-Loop Keyring is a brilliant budget-friendly keyring made here in the UK.
more... Guide £0.33
Ad Loop - Jumbo
This jumbo version of our bestselling Ad-Loop keyring gives you an even bigger branding area.
more... Guide £0.44
Lozenge - D2 D2
The D2 keyring has a slimline lozenge shape that customers love.
more... Guide £0.49
Rectangular - Large L4
The L4 is our largest keyring, designed for carrying big images, photos or large amounts of information.
more... Guide £0.5
Rectangular - Standard C1
The C1 rectangular keyring has a great sized branding area for your brand and message.
more... Guide £0.54
Standard Trolley Coin Keyring sps-ky4535
*BESTSELLER* Our metal trolley coin keyring is a real promotional favourite. (Also available in Euro size)
more... Guide £0.54
Flip Flop Foam Keyrings prmtrd-ufk1212
Flip Flop Keyrings made of EVA foam with a white string attachment and a PVC strap.
more... Guide £0.54
Shopper - Trolley Coin Keyring kyrg/ky4544
This clever keyring doubles as a trolley coin, with a domed branding area; visible throughout the shop!
more... Guide £0.55
Keep It Trolley Coin Keyring sps-ky1302
Budget friendly, UK manufactured, hardwearing plastic, fully brandable trolley coin keyring.
more... Guide £0.57
2D soft PVC Keyring bstprms-pk260
2D, custom shaped and coloured keyrings to suit your brand.
more... Guide £0.58
Shaped Options - Plastic
We have a range of shaped keyrings available in a selection of popular shapes.
more... Guide £0.63
Plastic Bottle Opener ky/R1
We love our R1 keyring, since it combines a keyring with a sturdy and practical bottle opener.
more... Guide £0.66
NEW SHAPE - Trolley Coin Keyring stndrdNS/tck
Standard, NEW SHAPE, trolley coin keyring.
more... Guide £0.67
3D Soft PVC Keyring bstprms-pk350
Custom shape and colours, impress with a branded 3D keyring for giveaway or resale.
more... Guide £0.68
Domed - X1 X1
We love the X1 keyring, thanks to its tactile shape and brilliant domed branding.
more... Guide £0.71
Carro - Shopping Trolley Keyring kyrg/ky4529
*BESTSELLER* This proven bestseller has a tactile rubberised finish and is available in two colours.
more... Guide £0.87
Metal Enamel Keyring bstbdg-00098
Custom shaped and coloured enamelled metal keyrings.
more... Guide £0.88
Montana Trolley Coin Keyring sps-KY4528
The stylish Montana Trolley Keyring comes complete with a metal pound-sized coin.
more... Guide £0.99
Enamelled on Fob
An premium quality, enamelled metal badge on a leather style key fob.
more... Guide £0.99
House Shape - Trolley Coin Keyring kyrg/KY4542
This keyring is fantastic for any home-related businesses.
more... Guide £1.51
House Trolley Coin - NEW SHAPE HseNS/tck
New £1 shaped Trolley coin in House shaped holder.
more... Guide £1.55